Assembly of Egyptian Groups Supports Sisi's Further Presidency

egypt Wed, Aug. 30, 2023
The Coalition of Egyptian Parties announced on Monday backing President Sisi’s potential candidacy in the next elections.

In a statement, the coalition said its decision to back Sisi’s potential candidacy in the elections came after a meeting attended by leaders and members of 40 political parties and political and public figures.

The coalition called for Sisi to run for president in the next elections in a document signed by 37 political parties, including the Sadat Democratic Party, the Egyptian National Movement party and Al-Mesreyin party.

Parties that signed the document also include Eradet Geel (Will of a Generation), Al-Riyadah (Pioneer) Party, Misr Balady Party, the Nasserist Party, Human Rights and Citizenship Party, Egypt Arab Socialist Party and People’s Democratic Party.

The coalition said it supports Sisi in order to “achieve the aspirations and ambitions of the Egyptian people and continue the path of construction and development.”

The coalition added that its backing of Sisi in next elections emanates from its political responsibility.

The party hailed the development and construction track initiated by Sisi in all fields, adding that Egypt under Sisi achieved security, stability and progress politically, economically and socially and managed to “cross to safety.”

Many political parties have earlier announced support to President Sisi’s potential candidacy, including the parliamentary majority party Mostaqbal Watan, the liberal Congress Party, the liberal Free Egyptians Party and the Homat Watan Party (Protectors of the Nation).

El-Ghad Party, led by Sisi’s previous presidential contender Moussa Mostafa Moussa, also announced Sisi as their potential presidential candidate in the next elections.

Third presidential term

The constitution does not give the right for a president to run for a third term.

However, constitutional amendments in 2019 stretched the presidential term to six years instead of four. Therefore, Sisi has been serving a six-year term since 2018 and exceptionally has the right to run for a third six-year term until 2030.

Several leading figures from renowned political parties have also announced plans to run for elections, including Abdel-Sanad Yamama, head of El-Wafd Party and Hazem Oman, head of the People’s Republican Party.

The National Election Authority (NEA) has not yet announced the schedule for the upcoming presidential election, with the process expected to start by the end of this year.