Before the launch of the 4th edition.. All you need to know about the World Youth Forum

egypt Sun, Jan. 9, 2022
A few hours separate us from the launch of the activities of the fourth edition of the World Youth Forum, under the patronage and presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, in Sharm El-Sheikh, which will take place from January 10 to 13.

The state, with its various organs and institutions, has intensified its efforts to receive the global event, which has gained special importance over the past few years, and has been praised by many international institutions and organizations as a permanent dialogue platform between the political leadership and the youth.

According to what was announced by the forum management, there will be many topics for discussion and attention by the fourth edition of the World Youth Forum, most notably the files of “human rights, social protection, climate change, post-coronavirus effects, the future of energy, the environment, distance study, transformation digital, technology and the fifth generation, entrepreneurship”, in addition to other events that will be organized during the conference.

The World Youth Forum is an annual global event held in Sharm El-Sheikh, under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the forum was launched in three editions in the past 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The forum aims to bring together the world’s youth in order to promote dialogue and discuss development issues, and to send a message of peace and prosperity from Egypt to the world. The United Nations Commission for Social Development adopted the three previous versions of the World Youth Forum in Egypt as an international platform for discussing youth issues.

More than 500,000 young men and women from 196 countries from different continents registered on the forum's official website, in the following order; Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, South America.

The World Youth Forum presents a variety of sessions, discussions, events and workshops; This allows young people to achieve the maximum level of experience while participating.

According to what was announced by the organizing committee of the forum, most of the arrangements and organizational matters related to the conference have been completed, noting that the holding of the new version of the forum despite the Corona virus crisis, confirms Egypt's ability to organize this global event, which is a platform for dialogue that brings together the world's youth.

And the forum management announced the use of unprecedented techniques in detection, precaution and prevention of the Corona virus.

The administration of the World Youth Forum has also taken all precautionary and preventive measures during the implementation of events and activities, and in this context, the administration of the forum has prepared a tight plan in cooperation with state agencies and specialized private sector companies to ensure the safety of all participants, starting from the registration stages and the requirement for everyone to receive vaccines against Covid-19, Both for participants from inside or outside Egypt.

This year, the forum created a new organizing committee within the organizing committees to be supported by a medical team and equipped with specialized capabilities to examine and follow up any case suspected of having any symptoms of Covid-19, and the procedures included ensuring the readiness of the rooms designated for isolation in each hotel in the event of an injury to one of the participants in the forum. , while ensuring the provision of all necessary health care.

In addition to training all those in charge of organizing the forum on the preventive measures and protocols that will be applied throughout the session, with a periodic examination of all participants and guests, the use of thermal cameras before entering the halls, and the application of all rules of social distancing during sessions and forum activities and other preventive measures that are applied strictly Take care.

In the following lines, Al-Ahram Gate reviews the most prominent topics discussed by the forum in previous editions:

The First Edition
The beginning was on April 25, 2017, when the youth of the Presidential Program presented their initiative during the National Youth Conference in Ismailia to conduct a dialogue with the youth of the world, and immediately President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi responded and announced his invitation to all young people from different countries of the world, to express their views and visions for the future of their countries and the world at large.

The first edition of the World Youth Forum was launched in November 2017, in which 3,000 young men and women from 113 countries participated, and the forum included more than 40 dialogue sessions in which the youth of Egypt and the world expressed their visions and ideas, and exchanged their various experiences.
The discussions included issues of terrorism and the role of youth in confronting it, the problem of climate change, irregular migration and refugees, the contribution of youth to building and maintaining peace in conflict areas, in addition to presenting youth visions to achieve sustainable development around the world, and reviewing international experiences in achieving sustainable development goals.
The forum also included the axis of civilizations and cultures, and how literature and arts fix what conflicts and wars spoil, in addition to the cultural dimension of globalization and its impact on the cultural identity of youth. One of the 2017 forum sessions discussed how the world makes its leaders, and reviewed the Egyptian experience in creating the future by empowering young people and qualifying them to lead. This is in addition to the organization of the United Nations Security Council simulation model, in which more than 60 young men and women from different countries participated.

The most prominent of the recommendations of the World Youth Forum 2017, assigning the organizing committee to take the necessary measures to transform the forum into an international center concerned with Arab-African international dialogue among the world’s youth, in addition to assigning the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with all relevant agencies and the United Nations, to adopt the decisions of the Security Council simulation model.

In addition to assigning the organizing committee, in coordination with state agencies and institutions, to hold the forum annually during the month of November of each year in Sharm El-Sheikh, as well as assigning the ministries of culture, higher education, communications and foreign affairs to establish a center for cultural communication between the youth of Egypt and the world.

As well as directing the organizing committee of the forum to establish the African Youth Center to absorb the energies of African youth, as well as entrusting the Board of Trustees of the National Youth Academy to implement a plan for cultural exchange with all similar centers to provide scholarships and assigning the organizing committee to develop a strategy to confront extremism, terrorism and illiteracy starting from 2018.

And the Board of Trustees of the National Academy for Rehabilitation of Youth to allocate seats as scholarships for youth from Asia and Africa, as well as directing the organizing committee to hold workshops and activate mechanisms for acquaintance and dialogue among the youth of the world, as well as assigning the Council of Ministers to expand the financing of small and micro projects.

Second Edition
While the second edition of the World Youth Forum was launched in November 2018, in which more than 5,000 young people from different cultures participated, representing 160 countries, and 18 issues were discussed through 30 sessions. Discussions and dialogue sessions took place on the role of world leaders in building and sustaining peace. And Euro-Mediterranean cooperation to search for partnerships, distance from differences and development in Africa 2063, and search for mechanisms for building societies and countries after wars and conflicts, empowering people with disabilities, in addition to simulating the Arab-African Summit, and various workshops.

The recommendations of the World Youth Forum 2018 included several things, most notably declaring Aswan the capital of African youth for the year 2019 to establish the Arab and African Youth Forum there, as well as establishing an award for African and Arab innovators and innovators under the title “Zewail Tyler Award” for scientific excellence in relation to the Egyptian scientist Ahmed Zewail, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and South African Max Tyler, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

In addition to calling for holding a Euro-Mediterranean economic forum annually to bring together the partnership countries periodically, organizing a forum for African media pioneers, One Africa initiative to achieve integration among the countries of the continent, establishing a voluntary program among African countries in Egypt, as well as forming a research committee to discuss the impact of social networking sites and integrating protection programs Internet Curriculum.

In addition to assigning the National Academy to develop a mechanism for training Arab and African youth in all economic and political fields, preparing and designing an integrated curriculum for qualifying and training youth for entrepreneurship, and establishing an Arab-African funding fund to support entrepreneurship in the Arab and African world.

In addition to the formation of an Arab-African mechanism to confront terrorism, the establishment of an Arab-African fund to support peace in post-conflicts, and the formation of a committee to manage the monument to the revival of humanity in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, provided that this monument will be transformed into an international institution aimed at preserving the principles of humanity, and assigning the Council of Ministers to form a committee to be Its mission is to amend the law regulating civil society associations and to conduct a comprehensive community dialogue in preparation for submitting it to Parliament.

Third Edition
The third edition of the World Youth Forum was launched in December 2019, and the sessions included a discussion of major international issues including: current challenges to international peace and security, the impact of climate change on humanity, government institutional excellence and digital transformation, and ways to enhance cooperation between Mediterranean countries in facing common challenges, applications and visions Young people to preserve the environment, and cooperation in the energy sector between the Mediterranean countries. The Union for the Mediterranean simulation model was present on the forum’s agenda, in addition to; Many of the events that were held on the sidelines of the World Youth Forum in its three editions, such as: the World Youth Theater to be a youth forum for arts from different countries of the world, and a creative arena in which young people display their talents, ideas and cultures.

The most prominent recommendations of the World Youth Forum came in 2019, including the launch of an African initiative for digital transformation and government excellence, in cooperation with the United Nations African Laboratory for Technology Innovation and the African Union, as well as the call for the launch of an African initiative to combat digital piracy to secure highly sensitive information as a wall against attempts at digital penetration.

In addition to the establishment of an Arab-African electronic platform for women, which includes a digital library of all studies, research papers and reports on women, highlighting and disseminating successful women’s initiatives, supporting ways to fund them, calling for the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Committee to Combat Hate on Cyberspace, and a call for the United Nations to adopt an international protocol to combat hate speech Extremism and bullying through the means of the international network and social media, as well as the establishment of the National Training Academy in Egypt to develop executive mechanisms to launch the presidential program to train Euro-Mediterranean youth in leadership, as well as call for the implementation of the 2021 African Union initiative to create one million jobs.

In addition to launching a research initiative for African universities to focus on the various technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, studying ways to benefit from them to solve the continent’s problems, and launching an initiative to support developers of Blockchain applications in various fields, to support the sustainable development goals, in cooperation with the WYF Labs platform launched by the World Youth Forum to encourage leadership Business.

In addition to launching a global initiative entitled “Art for Humanity” as a platform to embrace the creativity of young people, by setting up a live drawing exhibition through which artists work to embody the identity of their different countries, carry out plastic works inspired by their environments, establish information exchange centers between countries and invite educational and financial institutions and economic support for innovators around the world.