In pics: Egypt’s Pope Tawadros II leads Good Friday mass at Abbassiya Cathedral

Egypt’s Pope Tawadros II leads Good Friday prayers at Abbassiya Cathedral Sat, May. 1, 2021
CAIRO – 1 May 2021: Egypt's Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark led Good Friday services at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo's Abbassiya district.

Friday mass 1

A number of bishops, besides a limited number of people, had attended the prayer, amid restrictive precautionary measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

Friday mass 2

Pope Tawadros II on Thursday urged all Egyptians to abide by COVID-19 precautionary measures announced by the government.

He affirmed that the Church prays to God to end this pandemic in the world, and stressing the necessity of wearing masks, preserve social distancing, eating healthy food, and using sanitizers especially during this holy week of celebrations.