Egypt’s Endowment Min. warns of 13 books used by terrorists to justify their acts

File - Headquarter of Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments)
Sun, Mar. 24, 2019
CAIRO – 24 March 2019: Egypt’s Ministry of Awqaf (Endowment) listed thirteen books used by terrorists and extremists to justify their terror acts in the name of Islam, demanding people to avoid reading them.

The list includes:

1- “Management of Savagery” by Abu Bakr Naji.
2- “Questions in Jurisprudence of Jihad” by Abu Abdullah al-Muhajir
3- “Al-Farīḍah Al-ghāʼibah” by Muhammad Abd al-Salam Faraj, the founder of Al-Gamaa’a Al-Islamyyia
4- “Milestones” by Sayyid Outb
5- “Millat Ibrahim” by Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, the first one to use the term “Salafi Jihadism.”
6- “Al-Jihad wa'l-Ijtihad” (Jihad and Interpretation/JI) by Abu Qatada al-Filistini
7- "A Call to Global Islamic Resistance (GIR)" by Abu Mus’ab al-Suri
8- "Al-'Umda fi I'dad al-'Udda" (The Essentials of Making Ready [for Jihad]), by Sayyed Imam
9- “Terrorism is from Islam and who denies it is an apostate” by Sayyed Imam
10- "Al-Wala' wa-l-Bara" (Loyalty and Disavowal) by al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri
11- Articles written by Omar Abdel Rhaman.
12- “Ayat al-Rahman fi Jihad al-Afghan” by Abdullah Azam
13- "Elam al-Anam bi Milad Dawlet al-Islam" (Informing People about the Birth of the State of Islam) by Abdel Rahman al-Tamimi.

In April 2017, the ministry issued a new book titled “Terrorists’ Delusions and their Rebuttal” to respond to all the misleading terrorist beliefs. The ministry announced that the 107-page book is available online and translated into several languages.

The book also responds to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood’s late leader Sayyed Qutb’s writings.