Egypt's Min of Culture participates in the "Long Live Egypt Fund" celebration to support families in need

egypt Tue, Jun. 20, 2023
Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, Minister of Culture, participated in the celebration organized by the “Long Live Egypt Fund” to support the first-care families in Al-Asmarat neighborhood, in the youth city in Al-Asmarat neighborhood, in the presence of Dr. Nevin Al-Qabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, Major General Muhammad Amin, Adviser to the President of the Republic and trustee of the “Long Live Egypt Fund”, Major General Khaled Abdel-Al, Governor of Cairo.

In her speech, the Minister of Culture said: “The pioneering developmental role played by the Long Live Egypt Fund reflects the vision of the new republic in advancing Egyptians, spreading the values of our authentic culture, including the values of tolerance and solidarity, and extending a helping hand and solidarity to everyone who lives on the land of our beloved Egypt.” This proves that the vision of the new republic in sustainable development is unique and distinct.

And she added: "We all meet today among our people in the Asmarat neighborhood, a witness to what Egypt has achieved in terms of a decent life for its people, and standing with them so that they live in dignity in their homeland, which deserves to be spent dearly and preciously to be in the ranks of developed countries. We meet with them to announce Egypt's message in extending a helping hand to every Egyptian." Sharif participates in building his country and advancing himself and his children, and this is what His Excellency the President of the Republic always affirms, that Egypt does not forget its people, and that reconstruction and construction begins with the Egyptian person, and he is the one who will reap its fruits and reap its results.

The Minister of Culture confirmed that the Ministry is keen to take care of the talented among our children in the Asmarat neighborhood, and this care has had fruitful results in shaping their conscience, building their awareness, and strengthening the identity of Egypt, which we are all proud of, and the Ministry will continue to provide its cultural services through its cultural centers, including Palaces of culture, as this is the lofty message of the ministry that is in line with the vision of the state, and the ministry will harness all its energy to create a new generation that sets out to the world armed with science, knowledge and faith.

The Minister of Solidarity said, "The partnership under the umbrella of the Long Live Egypt Fund. This national fund, which was made by Egyptian hands for Egyptian and national purposes, represents a quantum leap in the field of development and solidarity work." She expressed her happiness in cooperating with all ministries, because we are in a stage of solidarity for home building.
The Minister of Solidarity also reviewed a number of initiatives and activities organized by the Ministry, in cooperation with the "Long Live Egypt Fund" and civil society institutions, and saluted all partners in this initiative.

Hisham Khalifa, Director of Social Protection Programs at the Long Live Egypt Fund, said: “Today we celebrate a number of initiatives implemented through the Long Live Egypt Fund, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and civil society institutions, which come as a continuation of the fund’s plan to implement social protection programs and initiatives, and to provide all Supports for vulnerable families.
He added, "The initiatives and services that are provided to citizens are the product of a real partnership between all state institutions, to provide a decent life for the Egyptian citizen, as an extension of the slogan of the Long Live Egypt Fund, "We Share".
He added: Today, the largest campaign to support families in need is launched within the activities of the “Shop of Joy” initiative, which has continued over the years to bring joy to more than a million homes in Egypt, and today we celebrate together by facilitating the marriage of more than 100 of our daughters representing more than five governorates. Where we provide them with a large variety of electrical appliances and furnishings, in addition to providing more than 22 wheelchairs, between electric and ordinary ones, to a group of people with special abilities, in addition to implementing many community initiatives.

The ceremony included the opening of the "Dukan Al Farha" exhibition for distributing clothes to the most vulnerable families, handing over chairs to people with special abilities, inspecting the children's library and the activities provided in it, in addition to an exhibition of clothes and a bridal party. A documentary film was also shown about the latest achievements of the "Long Live Egypt Fund". And the children's choir of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the ceremony concluded with a singing segment by the artist "Ihab Tawfik", during which he presented a number of his most beautiful songs.