Opening of the exhibitions "The Magic of Reality" and "Weaving Visions" at the Cairo Opera House

cairo Sun, May. 28, 2023
Dr. Khaled Dagher, President of the Egyptian Opera House, will inaugurate an exhibition entitled “The Magic of Reality” by Dr. Jihan Al-Sabban, who holds the position of Director General of the Production Sector at the Radio and Television Union, today, Saturday, May 27, at seven o’clock in the evening, in Salah Taher Hall. The exhibition will continue until Thursday 1 next June.

The exhibition of the artist, Jihan Al-Sabban, includes twenty works that imply a special magic that blends reality with imagination, using oil and acrylic colors, pastels, stones, shells, and stained glass.

It is noteworthy that the artist Jihan Al-Sabban participated in many group exhibitions, and held successful solo exhibitions inside and outside Egypt.

On the same day, Dr. Khaled Dagher, head of the Opera House, will inaugurate at 8:30 on the evening of Saturday, May 27, in Ziyad Bakir Hall, in the Opera House, an exhibition entitled “Historical Visions Inspired by the Works of the Artist Mohsen Abu Al-Azm,” which will continue until Thursday, June 1, by the artist Marwa Ahmed Abdel Rahman.

The artist, Marwa Ahmed Abdel Rahman, is an assistant professor of textiles at the Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education, Mansoura University. She has held many group and private exhibitions.

It is worth noting that the exhibition "Weaving Visions" includes about 14 textile hangings inspired by the works of the artist Mohsen Abu Al-Azm. They were executed with natural wool threads in the tapestry style, expressing scenes from the daily life familiar to popular realism.