Egypt's National Books and Documents House celebrates the centenary of the 1923 constitution

egypt Wed, May. 17, 2023
The General Authority for the National Books and Documents House, headed by Dr. Osama Talaat, will hold a symposium entitled “One Hundred Years of the 1923 Constitution”, at exactly eleven thirty in the morning of Thursday, May 25, in the seminar hall at the headquarters of the National Documents House in the Corniche of the Nile.

The first session of the symposium will be chaired by Dr. Al-Sayyid Fleifel, with speakers by: Dr. Ahmed Zakaria Al-Shalak, who will talk about “The Constitutional Freemasons and the Constitution of 1923”, and Dr. Magda Saleh, who will talk about “Democratic Standards in the 1923 Constitution”, and Dr. Abdel Moneim Saeed, who will talk about “Citizenship and the Civil State in The 1923 Constitution” and Dr. Rizk Hassan speaking about “Election Management under the 1923 Constitution”.

The second session was chaired by Dr. Elham My Mind, in which Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbiny spoke about the “1923 Constitution and the 1928 Declaration”, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Dayem dealt with the topic of “British follow-up to the Egyptian discussions of the 1923 Constitution”, and Dr. Nabawiya Ahmed spoke about “Egyptian education under the 1923 Constitution And Dr. Nabil Al-Toukhi talks about "the ruler's powers in the Egyptian constitutions...the 1923 constitution as a model."