Zahi Hawass signs the book "The Pyramids: Secrets and Magic" at the Italian Embassy

egypt Tue, Mar. 7, 2023
Yesterday, Ambassador Mochele Quaroni, Ambassador of Italy to Cairo, held a legendary ceremony for the signing of the book "The Pyramids, Secrets and Magic", written by the Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, and photographed by the Italian international photographer Sandro Vanini.

In the book, Hawass tells his relationship with the pyramid and the strange stories and anecdotes that he encountered in his life. The book depicts all the pyramids of Egypt and the kings who built the pyramids.

The book is about a meter long, half a meter wide, and weighs about 18 kilograms.

The book is considered one of the greatest books on Egyptian antiquities, especially the pyramids, and 750 copies of this book have been published so far.

Businessman Naguib Sawiris and tourism expert Mostafa Lotfi helped publish this book. Many intellectuals and businessmen were invited to the party.