Egypt's Min. of Culture participates in a recorded speech at the World Conference on Cultural Policies in Mexico

egypt Sun, Oct. 2, 2022
The Minister of Culture, Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, will participate in the World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development (MONDIACULT 2022), held in Mexico, with a registered speech, which is being held under the auspices of UNESCO.

In the speech, the Minister of Culture stressed that Egypt is witnessing its ancient history, in all its eras, up to the modern era, as a unique heritage stock in the history of humanity, and culture, thought and creativity were strongly present in the spirit of Egyptian civilization.

She added that the Egyptian state is keen to emphasize that culture, arts, literature and knowledge are an inherent right of every citizen, equivalent to the right to health care and education, noting that the Egyptian state fulfills this right by all possible means.

The Minister of Culture stressed that Egypt seeks, through its sustainable development plan in the "Egypt Vision 2030", to build a digital Egypt, and to reach an Egyptian society that deals digitally in all aspects of life, by strengthening the infrastructure of information and communication technology, and developing digital services in government agencies. .

The Minister of Culture reviewed the most important indicators of digital transformation with regard to the Ministry of Culture. On the policy side, the Digital Culture Committee was created, the information infrastructure was developed at the Supreme Council of Culture, as well as the partnership between the Ministries of Culture and Communications, which aims to create the first portal for digital content, as well as the "Culture" initiative. Between Your Hands, launched by the Ministry, by exploiting all electronic platforms to broadcast its various activities, which have achieved great success during the Corona pandemic.

She referred to the digital platform launched with the Cairo International Book Fair, which allowed browsing and purchasing books.
At the end of her speech, the Minister of Culture stressed that the Ministry of Culture will remain strongly supportive of all efforts of digital transformation, and its application in all bodies and sectors of the ministry, and at the level of its participation in campaigns to raise awareness and awareness of the role of digital transformation and its importance to sustainable development plans in Egypt.