A "funeral plaque" dating back to the era of the first transition is displayed at the Airport Museum

egypt Sun, Aug. 7, 2022
Today, we shed light on an antique, a "funerary stela", and we continuously review a piece with its picture and some information about that piece and the place it was displayed, as well as the era to which it belongs.

And a “funerary stela” dating back to the First Intermediate Period about (2181-2055 BC). It is made of colored limestone, and it bears an inscription of Shadt F and his wife Brit. The text on the panel refers to the formula for making offerings to the god Osiris.

The Cairo International Airport Museum was inaugurated in Terminal 3 in 2016, in light of the cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Antiquities and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, to serve as the first gateway to Egypt’s ancient history, and even as a window overlooking its remarkable monuments and lofty civilization.

The museum at that time occupied an area of ​​approximately 60 square meters, and contained (38) artifacts, until the year 2020 AD, and the museum was moved from its old place to the fourth floor in the same building with the aim of expanding it and displaying more artifacts, as its area occupies about 150 square meters. Approximately.

The museum currently displays a group of the most prominent archaeological pieces through which the visitor can live in the fragrant history of Egypt's immortal in its various successive eras. Those pieces that represent a mirror of the various civilizations and arts of Egypt, starting from the Pharaonic era through the Greco-Roman eras, as well as Coptic art, ending with the Islamic and modern eras.