Pyramids Air Show 2022 represents great promotion for tourism in Egypt, Min. of Tourism & Antiquities

egypt Sun, Aug. 7, 2022
Egypt’s Minister of Tourism & Antiquities Khaled el-Enani witnessed on Wednesday the activities of the Pyramids Air Show 2022 in the Giza Pyramids Antiquities Area.

photo via Min. of Tourism & Antiquities
photo via Min. of Tourism & Antiquities

Enani thanked the Egyptian Armed Forces, the Egyptian Air Force and the South Korean Air Force for organizing this event and for choosing the Giza Pyramids Antiquities Area to present a group of outstanding air shows.

Moreover, Enani explained that the air show represents a great promotion for tourism in Egypt in general, and for the Great Giza Pyramids in particular, pointing out that the ministry is coordinating with the Egyptian Air Force to organize other events across Egyptian skies in various tourist areas.

During the event, the participating aircrafts decorated the sky of Greater Cairo in impressive air shows. The Egyptian Silver Stars team and the Egyptian Hail Gazelle team (Horus) presented spectacular air shows in conjunction with the Black Eagles team from South Korea. The Egyptian paratroopers also presented a number of breathtaking performances.

Also, the team of the Egyptian Military Music played excerpts from patriotic songs, accompanying their performance with distinguished rhythmic movements.