The adoption of the Egyptian emblem 37 years ago.. How did the ancient Egyptian depict the eagle?

egypt Sun, Oct. 3, 2021
In the name of the people, the President of the Republic, this is how the People’s Assembly “at that time” began to adopt the emblem of Egypt, 37 years ago, specifically on this day, October 2, 1984. Did the ancient Egyptians sanctify the eagle? This is what we will review through the next lines.

The eagle has been associated with many positive qualities such as courage, steadfastness, courage, dignity, loftyness and lofty, qualities that praise the eagle and belong to it among the birds, so it occupied a place in ancient Egypt, and until now.

She was the eagle goddess and represented Upper Egypt, which extended to Aswan, and was considered the protector of the pharaoh, and she was always shown with her extended wings as a sign of protection, as they referred to her at the time as one of the mothers, and this eagle always appeared behind the crown of the pharaoh.

The eagle was also depicted in Mut, which means "mother" and is the mother of the deities in ancient Egypt. Its pronunciation and name changed over thousands of years in several cultures and civilizations. It was often depicted as an Egyptian eagle, a white eagle.

Nekhbet was a local deity as early as the pre-dynastic era in ancient Egyptian mythology, who was the patron of the city of Nekhbet, eventually, becoming the patroness of Upper Egypt and one of the two patron gods of all of ancient Egypt when it was unified.

It is worth mentioning that the first slogan that expresses the character of Egypt appeared at the beginning of the era of the Ayyubid state, which was founded by Sultan Salah al-Din in Egypt after the elimination of the Fatimid Caliphate. Its emblem was a red eagle symbolizing strength and victory over enemies, especially when Egypt was fighting the Crusaders in that era.

The eagle of Salah al-Din is developed in a golden yellow color, raising its head and looking to the right to indicate elevation and pride, and the eagle permeates the white color in the void.

The emblem of the Arab Republic of Egypt is represented in the form of a decorative eagle, taken from the "Eagle of Salah al-Din", which is an Egyptian eagle with folded wings in golden color, raising its head and looking to the right to indicate lofty and pride. The Egyptian Arabic Republic" .