AUC Press issues three Egyptology books

egypt Thu, Sep. 16, 2021
AUC Press released three Egyptology books.

The first book is Dealing with the Dead in Ancient Egypt, by Koenraad Donker Van Heel which gives an intimate look at the true story of the funerary business of a Theban mortuary priest 2800 years ago as unearthed by an ancient papyrus.

The second book is The Afterlives of Egyptian History by Yekaterina Barbash & Kathlyn M.Cooney which is an examination of the myriad lifetimes lived by ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The third book is The Precinct of Mut at South Karnak by Richard A.Fazzini & Betsy M.Bryan which is richly illustrated guide to the Egyptian temple, its history, and the story of its goddess, Mut, as told by the preeminent archaeologists directing the excavations.