100 Egyptian Paintings: A face painting by Abdel-Al Hassan portraying the face of an Egyptian girl

egypt Wed, Jul. 29, 2020
Today, we see the face painting by Abdel-Al Hassan, which is among a large group of paintings presented by the great artist to a number of Egyptian faces for women in all the different regions of Egypt.

And the artist Abdel Al Hassan 1944 from Port Said Governorate, who has a very clear talent, as reported by the work in the Rose El Youssef magazine, and he presented a large number of works, and among the special exhibitions he presented:

Exhibition at Ewarth Hall at the American University in 1989, an exhibition entitled (Egyptian quadruple) in the Hall of Paths in Garden City 1997, an exhibition entitled (Girls from Egypt) in the Hall of Gardens in Garden City 1998, an exhibition entitled (the sweetness of our country) in the Hall of Paths in Garden City 1999, an exhibition entitled (Girls of the Moon) In Douroub Gallery in Garden City 2000, Exhibition (My Girls ’Daughter) in Droub Hall in Garden City 2001, Exhibition in Droub Hall in Garden City 2004, an exhibition entitled (Dantella) in Picasso Hall in Zamalek 2006, Exhibition (Girls from My Country) in (Droub) Hall in Garden City May 2010, Exhibition (Happy Your Morning), Picasso Gallery, Zamalek, November 2012, Exhibition (Good Morning), Cordoba Gallery, April 2015, Gallery (Picasso East) Hall, Fifth Settlement, May 2016, Exhibition in (Bab-Saleem) Hall, Museum of Modern Art, Opera House, November 2016, Bahja Gallery Founded by Candles for Culture and Arts, September 2017, Exhibition at Picasso Gallery, Zamalek, November 2017.