"On the outskirts of Cairo," a painting of the beautiful simple life by the Danish artist Peder Mork Monsted,

cairo Thu, Jun. 25, 2020
Today we see a painting "On the Fringes of Cairo" by the Danish artist, Peder Mork Monsted, who lived during the period between (1859-1941), and in the painting he observes an aspect of Egyptian life in the early twentieth century, where life is simpler and more beautiful.

We see in the painting a simple rural life consisting of women, children, mud houses, palms, and camels that go towards the fields that do not appear in the picture. The artist, Peder Mork Monstead, wanted to present the Egyptian countryside as it really is, as well as beautiful women who do not leave their children and men engrossed in work and old houses Shows heritage and originality.

The painting confirms what we always say about the love of orientalists during the day in Egypt. They love the sun, so they depict it and draw its pure sky in pure colors. They know that this snapshot in creativity is not present in this warm form except in Egypt.
Among the things that orientalists are keen on drawing palm trees is a pure Egyptian connotation, confirming that work in Egypt, as well as brown faces and children hung by their mothers, beautiful women, all this is evidence that the work was made in Egypt.
And the wonderful thing about the painting is that this view can be seen so far in some villages that have preserved themselves and did not allow globalization to enter into a difficult form that changed everything and destroyed a lot of privacy.
The painting "On the outskirts of Cairo" gives rise to nostalgia and even more nostalgia for the recent past, as people were closer to each other in terms of emotion and social terms in general.