Israel, Hamas continue talks in Cairo for Gaza ceasefire deal

Israel, Hamas continue talks in Cairo for Gaza ceasefire deal Wed, May. 8, 2024
CAIRO – 8 May 2024: Ceasefire negotiations are still ongoing between delegations of Hamas, Israel and Qatar in Cairo, Egyptian high-level source confirmed on Wednesday.

The source noted that discussions have been continuing since 10 am, amid ‘notable consensuses and some controversial points.

Egypt’s security delegation has confirmed to all participating parties the danger of escalation and failure to adhere to the negotiating path, The Egyptian high-level source said

Head of the Palestinian Independence current, Muhamad Abu Samra said on Wednesday that ‘Egypt does not sleep the night’ in order to reach a solution and a ceasefire in Gaza.

“As Palestinians, we do not consider Egypt a mediator, but it is our partner in blood, history, destiny, past, present, and future,” Abu Samra said.

He added in televised statements that Egypt is threatened by the Gaza war, describing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as ‘Hitler of the era’.

He said that real goad of Gaza war is to control the entire Arab region.

Abu Samra also stressed that Israel is violating all of its agreements during the war. However, “Egypt responded firmly by saying that they are ready for all scenarios,” the Palestinian official said.

Hamas official Osama Hamdan said, Tuesday that their approval of the Egyptian-Qatari proposal on a ceasefire agreement came after months of negotiations.

He added that this approval “blocked the way” for the Israeli occupation, which wanted “only one-stage-deal” of which includes releasing the hostages and then return to its aggression against Palestinian people.

He added in statements to al Qahera news channel that “they showed a positive and responsible spirit” during the negotiations while preserving the rights of Palestinian people.

The movement’s approval came after intensified efforts made by Egypt and other international parties to contain the situation and prevent escalation of the war when the Israeli army called on residents east of Rafah city in the Gaza Strip to evacuate the area immediately ahead of a ground offensive against the city.

According to Al Qahera News, the Egyptian proposal entails the release of 20-40 captives currently held by Hamas in Gaza, in exchange for Palestinian security prisoners serving lengthy sentences or who are elderly.