White House National Security adviser go on Middle East tour includes Egypt

White House National Security adviser go on Middle East tour includes Egypt Mon, Sep. 27, 2021
CAIRO - 27 September 2021: US White House National Security adviser Jake Sullivan will embark on a Middle East tour includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt next week, Axois reported on Wednesday.

Dana Stroul, the US deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East said, Tuesday that ‘Egypt is playing a constructive role’ in the Middle East region when questioned at a Senate hearing for considering new military aid.

"But we also believe and support that Egypt has legitimate security concerns and believe that security assistance to Egypt is a critical tool in supporting those needs," Stroul said.

She added that: “the current view of the administration is that Egypt is playing a constructive role when it comes to border security, Libya, GERD, obviously the conflict in Gaza, et cetera.” The American official pointed as well to US military overflights and Suez Canal transit.

Since assuming office, President Sisi and US president Joe Biden maintained a cooperative relation in all aspects.

Their first phone call took place between the two officials last May, to discuss the escalations between Palestinians and Israelis which killed more than 230 Palestinians including children and women and causing hundreds of injuries. President Biden strongly supported the Egyption-brokered ceasefire in the strip that stopped 11 days of violence.