US Envoy Denied That 'Deal Of Century' Gives Portion Of Egypt's Sinai To Palestinians

twiter Thu, May. 9, 2019
CAIRO – 8 May 2019: US Special representative for international negotiations Jason D. Greenblatt has tweeted through his official account on April 20 that the US proposed peace plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict dubbed the “deal of the century” is U.S. President Donald Trump's long-awaited peace treaty plan, and it does not include giving a portion of Egypt's Sinai peninsula to Palestinians. On May 8, Greenblatt retweeted his statement once again, adding that he still hears reports regarding the matter, and that his original tweet still stands.

Greenblatt dismissed "fake stories" about the peace plan. The details regarding the plan have not been announced. In his tweet, the US envoy advised people not to believe everything they read. 

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and a senior adviser in the deal efforts, previously said that details about the plan would be released after April 9 elections in Israel; however, he did not determine a certain time.