Egypt's Railways to receive new batch of air conditioner train vehicles

Egypt's Railways to receive new batch of air conditioner train vehicles Wed, Jan. 5, 2022
CAIRO – 5 January 2022: Egypt’s Railways authority is set to receive a new batch of air-conditioned vehicles within days as part of the 1,300-vehicle deal manufactured by Transmash Holding, the representative of the Russian-Hungarian alliance.

The deal of the 1300 new passenger cars includes 800 air-conditioned cars (500 air-conditioned third class, which is a new service offered to passengers for the first time in the history of Egypt’s railways, 180 second class luxury cars, 90 luxury first class cars and 30 air-conditioned buffet cars) and 500 third class cars with dynamic ventilation.

The deal contributes to raising the efficiency of daily operation and the regularity of operating schedules, so that the citizen sees every month the entry of completely new trains consisting of tractors and new vehicles, which contributes to improving the service provided to the passengers.

The cost of the largest deal in the history of the authority amounts to 1.065 billion euros, to be financed through a soft loan provided by the Hungarian Exim Bank and the Russian Exim Bank. Regular or dynamically ventilated, air-conditioned vehicles of various types begin to arrive.

And the Railways Authority introduces the service new trains coming monthly as part of the deal of 1,300 cars, with an average of 3 trains per month. These trains run on the lines of Upper Egypt (Cairo-Aswan and vice versa), Cairo-Alexandria and vice versa, Cairo-Itai Al-Baroud and vice versa, Cairo-Zagazig-Mansoura and vice versa, and Cairo-Ismailia.