Egypt showcases its people as ‘hidden gems’ in new international tourism drive

tourism Mon, Aug. 12, 2019
Egypt announced today the launch of a major international promotional campaign showcasing Egyptians as ‘hidden gems’ in new tourism drive.
Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Dr. Rania Al Mashat unveiled the new “PeopleToPeople” campaign video, curated by Beautiful Destinations, the leading social media travel hub with more than 20 million followers; with the video published across all Beautiful Destinations channels on August 12, 2019.
The campaign video highlights different experiences that Egypt has to offer in gastronomy, culture, and various activities through its people.

Dr. Al Mashat said: “PeopleToPeople” is a campaign that reawakens the power of human-to-human connection. The campaign video highlights the fact that beyond our known destinations, landmarks, and year-round sunshine, Egypt moves, astonishes and awakens the senses of visitors, not only through its places but through its people as well, inviting the people of the world to connect with us and experience Egypt’s dynamic and vibrant culture.”
She added:” Egyptian people are people of pride, passion, peace, progress and productivity.” And “Looking ahead I believe genuinely that the Egyptian people themselves can and will make an enormous contribution to the future success of the tourism sector.”
The campaign “PeopleToPeople” is part of pillar number 3 “Promotion & Marketing” of the Egypt — Tourism Reform Program (E—TRP) launched November 2018. It aims at portraying Egypt not only as a contemporary and prime touristic destination but also sheds light on the diversity of the Egyptian people.
“PeopleToPeople” uses modern content ideologies and digital tools to shift tourists’ perception on one hand and encourage community engagement, on the other hand.
Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Dr. Rania Al Mashat said : “At a time when the rhetoric of global policy is overshadowed by protectionism and trade barriers, Tourism acts as a sector that promotes understanding between people as well as peace, connectivity and familiarity between nations”.
“This campaign is not only aimed for global travelers but also to create a local moral boost.”
She stated “The Ministry of Tourism’s Overarching Objective is to have at least one individual from each Egyptian Household working directly or indirectly in the tourism sector and to achieve this objective, we are changing the narrative of Egypt to include immersive experiences, highlight the stories of its people and give travelers a journey of discovery.”
Jeremy Jauncey founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations said: “Travelers today seek content that inspires them in curating their itineraries through a new wave of storytelling.”
“The people of Egypt are amazing- welcoming, proud and eager to show their country”
He added : “Working with H.E. Dr. Rania Al Mashat to bring the Egypt — Tourism Reform Program to life has been a huge honour and we are extremely proud to have created the new brand for Egypt tourism. The launch of the People to People campaign is just the start of Beautiful Destinations commitment to Egypt and we cannot wait to inspire the world to come and visit.”
Remi Carlioz, Chief Creative Officer at Beautiful Destinations, said: “This is really a passion project for us. Obviously Egypt has the most amazing natural and historical wonders but what will really make you come to Egypt, and come again, is its people, their warmth, diversity, modernity, joy and creativity. From Cairo to Alexandria, from Aswan to Siwa, from the Red Sea to Luxor, the people of Egypt will never cease to amaze you.”
The partnership of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism with Beautiful Destinations was announced at ITB Berlin on March 7th 2019; and the teaser campaign was launched in May 2019. On July 14th, 2019, a meeting took place in Washington D.C. with the Beautiful Destinations team to finalize the content.
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