The maintenance & restoration of the temple of Ptolemy XII at the City of Atrips is done

the temple of Ptolemy XII Thu, Aug. 1, 2019
CAIRO - 1 August 2019: The German-German restoration team completed the project of the maintenance and restoration of architectural elements of the temple of Ptolemy XII in the city of Atrips, southwest of Sohag, and it will be soon open to public.

The head of the Central Department of Restoration at the Ministry of Antiquities, Gharib Sonbol said that the temple was found in ruins and in a poor state of preservation. It suffered from cracks and loss of engravings and colors due to its direct effect on erosion, especially for its direct exposure to sunlight and rainwater.

He added that the repair works began in the mission's work season in October 2018, documenting and recording all the damage on the architectural elements of the temple and studying its causes and the development of a complete restoration plan, which included mechanical restoration, fixing and reinforcing the layers of the mortar and the installation of chromatic crust and the treatment of cracks in the mortar limestone, protective umbrellas were also made to protect the temple from the influence of sunlight, dust and rainwater.

It is noteworthy that the city of Atrips archaeological belongs to the nineteenth region of Upper Egypt, and the temple was built weak local-made limestone, and consists of a number of rooms surrounded by a large wall from all four sides, and surrounded by rows of columns in the north, east and west, in addition to it contains a basement below one of the rooms and it consists of rooms and corridors.