Wassim El-Sisi raises controversy over the oldest hieroglyphic text .. Is it 3200 or 5619?

Egypt Tue, Jan. 19, 2021
Hieroglyphic writing is a style of official writing on the walls of temples, tombs, statues, and colored stone and wooden panels, for the ancient Egyptians, and some thought that it was a language, but this is wrong, as it is a type of calligraphy, such as the Arabic calligraphy in the Arabic language for example, as the Egyptians used Hieroglyphs for religious literature on papyrus and wood, and it is known that the beginning of the book was from 3200 BC, but recently Dr. Wassim Al-Sisi said, in his meeting on a satellite channel, the oldest hieroglyphic text found dating back to 5619 years BC, and to find out this information we contacted the doctor Hussein Abdel-Basir, expert in Egyptian antiquities, and director of the Alexandria Library Antiquities Museum.

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Basir said that the beginning of writing was since 3200 BC, and the number that Dr. Wassim Al-Sisi mentioned has no scientific evidence at all, and I do not know the source and archaeological evidence that indicates that the oldest text was discovered since 5619 BC.

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Basir explained, in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day," that the ancient Egyptian language is one of the African (Hamitic) and Asian languages ​​(Semitic such as the Arabic language). The tenth century, and perhaps this makes it the oldest language that lived in the world, as it was more than four thousand years old.

Perhaps the most prominent lines of the ancient Egyptian language are "hieroglyphic script" or "hieroglyphic writing", meaning "sacred inscription" in the language of the ancient Greek people, and most of the inscriptions and writings from the ancient Egyptian civilization were written in the hieroglyphic script, which is somewhat similar to the script in our language. Contemporary Arab. The classical stage is the language of ancient Egyptian literature.

The ancient Egyptian language is a dead language now, and we study this language in order to read and understand the texts of the ancient Egyptians, and the ancient Egyptian writing system differs from the writing system in our current era, so we have to understand well the order of placing words in the sentence.

The ancient Egyptian language passed through its long history through different stages, and scholars usually divide it into 5 basic stages, and Dr. Hussein Abdel-Basir reviewed these stages, saying:

1- Ancient Egyptian: It is the oldest known stage of the language and dates back to about 2600 to 2100 BC.

2- The Medieval Egyptian: It is sometimes called the classical Egyptian, and it is related to the ancient Egyptian. It appeared around 2100 to about 1600 BC, but it continued as a language throughout ancient Egyptian history. The longer is the stage that will be discussed in these seminars.

3- The Late Egyptian: Taking the Status of the Mediator Egyptian after 1600 BC. It differs from the previous stages, especially in grammar.

4- Demotic: It developed from the late Egyptian and appeared for the first time around 650 BC and continued until the fifth century AD.

5- Coptic: It is the late stage of ancient Egypt, linked to Demotic, and appeared at the end of the first century AD and was used for a thousand years. The oldest Coptic texts written by the Egyptians date back to the eleventh millennium AD.