Watch how the pyramids looked like 5,000 years ago ...

pyramids Wed, Jul. 15, 2020
Did you imagine the shape of the pyramids area at the time of its establishment about 5 thousand years ago, how life was in it, how the first Egyptians lived their daily lives among stone buildings they built themselves, after thousands of years became an admiration of the wonders of the world, and an archaeological icon that enchants everyone around the world.

Recently, Dr. Hossam Badrawi, the famous doctor and former parliamentarian, published on his official page on the social networking site "Facebook" imaginary pictures of the shape of the pyramids area 5,000 years ago from now, embodying the splendor and genius of the ancient Egyptian artist, and how the fine technical details were occupied in Egyptian thinking in the past.

The pictures show the ancient Egyptians and behind them the pyramids show, how the pharaohs built the pyramids in a professional manner, and they chose the place of construction with great care, and the buildings of the pharaohs' kings and the men of their state appear all stacked in harmony and harmony, and it is noticeable that the trees and greenery might have filled the place that became a desert.

The photos show how the pyramids were covered in Egypt with a bright reflective layer made of polished white limestone, this would make for them a wonderful sight that would be a suitable symbol of the greatness of the Pharaohs, but this outer layer of stone was destroyed by a powerful earthquake in 1301.

The place appears in the published photos without congestion or crowding, nor an unknown vendor and imagination surrounding the place, unlike the area currently experiencing great crowds of citizens and many tourists who come to see the greatness of the monuments and pyramids in the area.