The Renovation of ram-headed sphinxes in Luxor by Min. of Tourism & Antiquities

art Sun, May. 10, 2020
The Supreme Council of Antiquities started on Friday, May 8 renovating a group of ram-headed sphinxes at Amun-Ra Temple at Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor.

The secretary general of the Supreme council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri announcedc that the project includes rejuvenating 29 statues, which were in bad condition.

Waziri further added that those statues were wrongly renovated earlier at the beginning of the 70s.

The restoration project will place these statues on high adjacent stone bases. Also, the floor of these bases will be treated, protected from groundwater and returned to its original place.

It is worth mentioning that Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities previously announced that the four of the ram-headed sphinxes have been transported to Tahrir Square in central Cairo, after the completion of its restoration, lasted over the past few months.

Waziri, said that two of the ram-headed sphinxes have been installed on its bases located beside the recently restored and erected obelisk in Tahrir Square as part of its development project while the two other ram-headed sphinxes will be erected in their location within the up coming hours.

He added that the four ram-headed sphinxes will be covered with wooden boxes until the official opening of the Tahrir square development project, funded by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, in coordination with Cairo Governorate, and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities within the framework of the plan to showcase Egypt’s unique civilization.

The transportation was carried out by the Arab contractors company under the supervision of a team of restorers and archaeologists from the Supreme Council of Antiquities.