A museum at home .. See the works of Mahmoud Morsi within the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts

museum Thu, Apr. 9, 2020
In order to tackle the Corona virus, the Fine Arts Museum of the Fine Arts Sector continues to invite citizens to stay at home, through its official page on the social networking site "Facebook" under the slogan "Stay in your house and we will give you the museum to your end", and one of the most important holdings of the Museum of Arts The beautiful in Alexandria that can be seen in (Online Museum), the works of the sculptor (Mahmoud Moussa).

The great Alexandrian artist, Mahmoud Moussa, was born on May 17, 1913, in the Bab Shark neighborhood in Alexandria, he finished his preliminary study for entering Al-Azhar to become an important sheikh, but he announced to his family his desire to practice his father's profession, which is the formation of stucco decorations for the facades of buildings and within them, and thus Mahmoud Musa joined the association Fine art buffs to study art.

The artist says about this important period in his life, "In about 1929, I knew that there was a night school in which to open, in order to study decoration, sculpture and photography ... What story? I was of course looking at gray and shops, and my father used to buy it, so I used to read and see the story of Mukhtar and the statue of the Renaissance of Egypt and stories like that." Or, I see magazines with statues of the ancient Egyptians and foreign artists.

In an article entitled "The Egyptian in Sculpture .. Mahmoud Musa," Mukhtar Al-Attar says: Mahmoud Musa is one of our talented and experienced sculptors. He is one of two in Egypt who sculpt statues in the hardest types of rock, as our great grandparents used to buy granite "scrap" of its types and marble. From workshops to prepare the requirements of buildings, or find them among the tram bars, where the municipality sets them for evaluation, and they buy them from their owners, so buying a new piece of granite or marble costs hundreds of pounds.

Subhi Al-Sharouni says: He started his participation in art exhibitions in 1929 with a joint exhibition held in the Serail of Count Zogheib in Cairo (the headquarters of the Museum of Modern Art later), and he switched to pure artistic production since 1940 and became a studio for an Atelier in Alexandria. He taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria for the "Direct Sculpting on Stone" course.

As for Mr. Huwaidi in his article: “Mahmoud Musa .. Nature cries at the farewell of the sea lover.” He says: On a rainy Alexandrian night, the lover of hard stones bid farewell to the sculptor Mahmoud Musa, his city that he loved, friends, loved ones, and family to eternity, as if nature cries him after completing nine decades in the face The solid stones that he dealt with throughout his life as if they were a paste, whether granite, marble, or quartz basalt, and he set the harsh conditions and fluctuations of life.