World’s largest floating library, Logos Hope, arrived in Egypt's Suez Canal

World’s largest floating library, Logos Hope, arrived in Egypt's Suez Canal Tue, Jan. 24, 2023
CAIRO - 24 January 2023: Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating library arrived in Suez Canal, coming from Port Said.

This marks the second time Logos Hope comes to Egypt since the time it first docked its ship here in 2010.

With an aim of sharing knowledge, diversity, and culture, Logos Hope sells over 5,000 books in different genres from around the world at discounted rates.

Edward David, the executive director of Logos Hope, said that a total of 108,000 persons visited Logos Hope during its visit to Port Said.

"I thank the [Egyptian] government, the governor of Port Said, who welcomed and embraced us in many ways in order for us to have a successful visit," David added.

Besides the pleasure of being surrounded by all those books you can buy, Logos Hope will also bring entertaining activities such as a theater on board as well as an international café and a dining room.

The gigantic floating library operates with over 400 volunteers from different countries serving in their professional capacities such as electricians, engineers, teachers, and nurses who all came on board to reflect the Logo’s hope objective of spreading cultural diversity. The ship is open to receive visitors every day except Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM. As for Friday, doors will open starting 3 PM.

Visitors aged 13 can attend the fair at a discounted rate while guests under 13 will be able to access the book fair free of charge.

Logos Hope welcomes an average of one million visitors on board of its four ships every year. The ship remains in each port for several weeks opening its doors to thousands of visitors every day.