"KUNA": The Serapeum Temple, the strangest secrets of ancient Egyptian civilization baffling archaeologists

egypt Mon, Jun. 12, 2023
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported today, Monday, that the Serapeum Temple is the strangest secret of the ancient Egyptian civilization that baffled archaeologists. Excavated under rock depths of 400 meters.

And the agency added - in a video investigation, today - that scientists are still amazed and confused by the presence of 26 huge, well-made sarcophagi in this temple, and at these depths without the use of any drilling machines or techniques that helped place these coffins inside the temple, as the cover of one sarcophagus weighs 30 tons, and the body of the sarcophagus itself is 70 tons, which means that approximately 500 men were needed to move each box.

She pointed out that whoever steps into the temple will notice that this group of coffins is made of solid rocks (red and black granite, basalt, schist and quartz), which the ancient Egyptians were able to carve with primitive tools that were used in those ages. Many kings of ancient Egypt made offerings in the temple (Sarabium), which included burials for the sacred calves, including the sacred calf (Apis) in those ages, as the calves at that time received many privileges during their life and at their death, and they were mummified and placed in huge stone coffins in a ceremony majestic.