Learn about the capitals of historical Egypt from the era of the pharaohs until the city of a thousand minarets

egypt Sun, Feb. 28, 2021
The Egyptians have been waiting for its newest cities and its newest administrative capitals since the dawn of its ancient history, by adding a new city to be added to the lists of giant Egyptian cities, the new administrative capital, which will not be an administrative headquarters only, but a socially and economically integrated city and a large complex of culture, arts and sports, and among its most prominent monuments is the Museum of "Capitals of Egypt." Which has been completed by the Ministry of Antiquities of its inauguration and is scheduled to open during the coming period.

Cairo was not the only capital of Egypt throughout the ages. The capital of Egypt has changed several times in its history, and the following is a list of Egyptian capitals arranged in chronological order:

Tenis (the present site Manzil in Dakahlia) (before 2950 BC) - the first capital in the history of the tribal and marine sides.
Memphis (2950 BC - AD 2180 BC) - from the First Dynasty to the Eighth Pharaonic Dynasty.
- Herceliopolis (present-day Ihnasia) (2180 BC - 2060 BC) - The Ninth and Tenth Pharaonic Dynasties.
Thebes (present-day Luxor) (2135 BC - 1985 BC) - The Eleventh Dynasty.
Ej Tawi - (1985 BC - 1785 BC) - The Twelfth Dynasty.
Thebes (1785 BC-1650 BC) - Thirteenth Dynasty
- Khasut (present-day Sakha) (1715 BC - 1650 BC) - The Fourteenth Dynasty.
Awaris (present-day Zwan) (1650-1680 BC) - Fifteenth Dynasty (Hyksos).
The capital of the Sixteenth Dynasty (which was also of the Hyksos) is unknown, but it was probably in the Kingdom of Kush.
Thebes (1650 BC - 1353 BC) - The Seventeenth Dynasty and the Eighteenth Dynasty (after Akhenaten).
Akhiaton - (present-day Tell el-Amarna) (about 1353 - circa 1332 BC) - Akhenaten (the Eighteenth Dynasty).
Thebes (1332 BC - 1279 BC) - The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasties (before Ramses II).
Bar-Ramses (1279-1078 BC) - The Nineteenth Dynasty (starting from Ramses II) and the Twentieth Dynasty.
Tanis (present-day San Al-Hijr) (1078-945 BC) - The Twenty-First Dynasty.
Popastis (present-day Tell Basta) (945-715 BC), the Twenty-second Dynasty.
Tanis (818-715 BC) - The Twenty-Third Dynasty.
Saiss (the present Saa of the Stone) (725-715 BC) - the Twenty-Fourth Dynasty.
- Nabata / Memphis (715-664 BC) - The capital of the Fifth and Twentieth Dynasty was the Nubian city of Nabata (because the 25th family is a Nubian family), but they ruled Egypt from Memphis.
Saiss (664-525 BC) - The Twenty-Sixth Dynasty.
Persian - The Twenty-seventh Dynasty.
Saiss (399-404 BC) - The Twenty-Eighth Dynasty.
- Mendes (Hill of the present quarter) (399-380 BC), the Twenty-Ninth Dynasty.
Spinetus (present-day Samanoud) (380-343 BC) - The Thirty Dynasty.
Persian - The Thirty-first Dynasty.
Alexandria (332 BC - 641 AD)
Al-Fustat (641-750).
Al-Askar (750-868)
Al-Qata`a` (868-905).
Fustat (905-969).
Cairo (969 - now)