Opposition Parties' Youth Assigned in Senior Executive Posts by Egyptian Gov

youth Wed, Nov. 27, 2019
Sixteen newly appointed governors, and thirteen deputies sworn in on Wednesday morning at al-Ittihadiya Presidential Palace, sources told Egypt Today.

The sources revealed that the newly appointed governors and deputies have different political backgrounds, among them prominent youths from opposition parties.

The newly appointed governors are as follows:
• Abdel Hameed Abdel Aziz for Al Qalyubia.
• Gamal Nour al Dien for Kafr El Sheikh.
• Essan Saad for Asyut.
• Ahmed Abdullah al Ansari for Faiyum.
• Tarek Rahmy for Gharbia.
• Tarek al Feky for Souhag.
• Mohamed al Shreif for Alexandria.
• Khaled Shoueb for Marsa Matruh.
• Ashraf al Dardiry for Qena.
• Shrief Fahmy for Ismailia.
• Ashraf Atia for Aswan.
• Amr Hanafy for Red Sea.
• Ibrahim al Shahawy for Menofia.
• Mohamed Hani Gamal for Beni Suef.
• Osama al Kady for Minya.
• Ayman Mokhtar for Dakahlia.

As for deputies:
• Jacqueline Azer Abdel Halim for Alexandria.
• Mohamed Mohamed Hammad for Al Qalyubia.
• Ahmed Shaaban Ahmed for Aswan.
• Hend Mohamed Ahmed for Giza.
• Ahmed Mahmoud Abdelmoati for Ash Sharqia.
• Inas Samir Mohamed for South Siani
• Ahmed Samy Adli for Qena.
• Amr Magdy Mostafa for Kafr El Sheikh.
• Ibrahim Al-Shehaby, CPYP member for Giza.
• Mohamed Mosa, CPYP member for Menoufia
• Bilal Habash, CPYP member for Beni Suef
• Hazem Omar, CPYP member for Qena
• Haitham Al-Sheikh, CPYP member for Dakahlia

The move marks a debut in appointing youth from opposition parties and the Coordination Committee of Party's Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP) in Egypt since a long time, aiming to integrate youth in executive work and “the state-building efforts”.

The sources affirmed that this move to assign young people to senior posts as governors’ deputies took months of “careful planning.” The selection combined young politicians from opposition parties who belong to different currents along with other politicians who graduated from the Presidential Program for the Rehabilitation of Youth for Leadership (PLP).

Sources described the appointments as “pumping young blood into the summit of the executive pyramid of the state,” adding that the step would maximize the benefit of diverse political opinions within the Egyptian state.

“The appointment of new youths and cadres emphasizes the importance of their role in the Egyptian government, and indicates that they [youth] should be represented appropriately at both of the parliament and senate,” sources affirmed.

According to sources, pumping young blood at the top of the executive pyramid of the state through young people, some of which belong to opposition parties from the coordination of youth parties, politicians and cadres of the youth academy, consolidates the state of diversity and dialogue within the executive organs of the State.

The development of the appointment of youth to be deputies of the governors from the coordination of youth parties and politicians coincides with the step of increasing the emphasis on providing adequate representation of young people in the two chambers of the Egyptian parliament.

Observers further affirmed that the Egyptian state opens the door for young people to play the largest role in its history in the executive branch in parallel with providing them with an unprecedented space in the legislature.

Inaugurated in 2017, by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the PLP is considered Egypt’s special aura of interest towards youths and their role in developing the country and society, as it qualifies them for leadership and decision making.