"Ismaili tunnels" the path of development; access to Sinai will only take a few minutes

Ismailia Tunnels Sun, May. 5, 2019
CAIRO – 5 May 2019: President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi will inaugurate today a number of mega projects in the Ismailia governorate, headed by the Ismailia tunnels, which fall within five tunnels executed by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and a number of Egyptian companies.

The five tunnels are known as the Suez Canal tunnels or the Sinai tunnels. For the first time, access to Sinai takes only a few minutes, through the Ismaili tunnels. The goods and their movement between the east and west of the canal are easier to reach through the Port Said tunnels.

The tunnels of the Suez Canal consist of 5 tunnels, two Ismailia Tunnels which reach the Sinai back and forth for a period of up to 15 minutes, and the Port Said Tunnel, which links the western cities of the canal to its east, to facilitate the trade movement in the Suez Canal region, and there is also the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdy.

The Ismailia and Port Said tunnels are one of the largest tunnel projects in the world. They were implemented at a record time, not more than 3 years. It is universally accepted that the implementation of tunnels takes 5-7 years.

The Ismaili tunnels were designed 70 meters below the surface of the earth and 30 meters below the Suez Canal. It also provided 23 emergency rooms on both sides of the tunnel, which is 5820 meters long, each room 250 meters.

Among the projects inaugurated by President Al-Sisi today, the new Ismailia city, located on the banks of the new Suez Canal on an area of ​​10 million square meters, with a total number of residential units of 57 thousand units to accommodate 314 thousand people, the city has 7 residential neighborhoods.