The 2nd Day of The Referendum Witnessed A Strong Turnout of Citizens To Cast Their Votes

referendum Sun, Apr. 21, 2019
CAIRO – 21 April 2019: The referendum committees on the constitutional amendments have seen a strong turnout of citizens to cast their votes since the opening of the committees on the first and second day of the referendum which lasts for three days.

MP Hassan Omar, a member of the House of Representatives for the Department of Khosak, Al-Khanka and Al-Obour, said that young people have the upper hand so far to participate in amending the constitution by referendum currently held inside Egypt.

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A few hours after the poll stations opened on the first day of referendum on the constitutional amendment, Women from all over Egypt have gone to submit their votes.

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Maya Morsy, head of the National Council for Women (NCW) cast her ballot in a polling station in Giza's Dokki district, calling Egyptian women to take part in the referendum. 

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Furthermore, the national unity is apparent in the constitutional referendum, in a scene that embodies the national unity between Muslims and Christians, a number of priests and priests of the Monastery of St. Demiana in Baraqas Belqas, Dakahlia governorate, assisted the elderly residents of the village to vote on the constitutional amendments within the referendum committees. 

The 2nd day of the constitutional referendum kicked off today, the referendum committees have seen a strong turnout of citizens to cast their votes since the opening of the committees.

The turnout of the elderly is clearly very high. Egyptian Elderly men and women from all over the country have gone to cast their votes in the referendum, and state their opinion regarding the constitutional amendments. Unceasingly the elderly keep on setting a role model for the younger generations and are taking the lead in securing the future of the country by stating their opinion in the future of their country and saying what they believe.

The presence of youth was noticeable at a number of polling places throughout the country as they have been queuing to cast their ballots in the referendum on constitutional amendments. A remarkable number of youth were seen, standing in long queues, in Greater Cairo’s Al Salam, 6th of October City, Zamalek, and Heliopolis. As for governorates, young voters were present in Port Said, Fayoum, and Aswan.

Various civil society organisations, local and international media outlets are following up the three-day referendum. 

Resident Egyptians are invited to vote on April 20 - 22. The parliament passed a draft to amend and add 25 articles to the constitution. Those are mainly on the length of presidential terms, introduction of a senate, quotas in the House of Representatives, the selection mechanisms of courts presidents, and the role of the Egyptian Armed Forces. 
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The National Electoral Commission, headed by Chancellor Lashin Ibrahim, said that the total number of public committees to vote on the referendum is 368 committees, including 10878 electoral centers, and 13919 subcommittees, which open over the three days from 9 am to 9 pm.

The referendum is held under full judicial supervision with the participation of 19,339 judges. 

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