The Crocodile Museum in Aswan: The world's largest museum dedicated to an animal

crocodile Tue, Aug. 6, 2019
Located on the doorstep of the Ptolemaic Kom Ombo temple on the banks of the Upper Egyptian city of Aswan is the Crocodile Museum. A museum dedicated to worshiping the god Sobek, which takes the crocodile body. The museum reviews a number of aspects of Supak's worship and related mummification of alligators and other rituals, and is considered the world’s largest museum dedicated to an animal. The museum first opened its door to visitors in February 2012.

The museum displays 22 mummified crocodiles of various sizes out of forty to have been unearthed in Aswan. The crocodiles are arrayed on a sand hill inside a large glass showcase, allowing visitors to see how crocodiles passed their days in ancient Egypt.

A collection of crocodile coffins and wooden sarcophagi, along with crocodile foetuses and eggs, are also on display, in addition to statues depicting the crocodile-god Sobek, bearing a human body and the head of a crocodile. Replicas of Sobek’s original tombs and niches are also on display.