Egypt is producing its 1st Animated Film: The Knight & the Princess:

movie Wed, Jun. 26, 2019
Egypt is finally delving in to the world of cartoon movie production; The Knight & The Princess is Egypt's 1st ever animated feature film.

A large group of Egypt's finest actors will voice-act the movie; Mohamed Henedy, Maged al-Kidwani, Abla Kamel, Medhat Saleh, and Donia Samir Ghanem will be portraying some of the characters in the film.

The sketches of the movie are by artist, Moustapha Hussein, and the animation work was carried out by other Egyptian artists from the Magic Company.

When Asharq Al-Awsat talked to director and screenwriter, Basheer Al-Deeq, he shared some intriguing information. Firstly, Al-Deeq said,
Director and screenwriter, Basheer Al-Deep stated that the production of the movie costed 10 million Egyptian pounds, over the duration of the production that lasted 20 years. The movie was just a dream at the beginning, but the director made it come true. Al-Deep promised the audience that The Knight & the Princess is a professional work that competes with Disney movies and doesn’t only target children, but fans of all ages.

Finally, the director noted that the 2D animation technique in the movie was the same methodology used in the animated film, The Lion King. As for the story of The Knight and the Princess, it is based on the story of a young man, Mohammed bin Qasim al-Thaqafi, who falls in love while leading the sovereignty of the Umayyad State.

BroadcastPro ME states that it has been reported that several festivals, including El Gouna International Film Festival and Cairo International Film Festival, have proposed to screen the production. However, none of these screenings have been confirmed yet.