Zahi Hawas & Mostafa Al Waziri Give a lecture at the Bowers Museum

zahi hawas Tue, Jun. 25, 2019
Egyptian archaeologist, an Egyptologist, and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs gave a lecture to a packed auditorium at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana on Saturday, June 22. He was accompanied by Dr. Mostafa Wazir, Egypt’s general director of antiquities. During the lecture they spoke about their latest discoveries in and around Egypt’s pyramids.

Hawass, an author of several books on Egyptology, who has mingled with celebrities wanting to tour the pyramids, appears at the Bowers about once a year, museum president Peter Keller said.

“He’s the rock star of archaeology, and the No.1 force in motivating the next generation of archaeologists,” Keller said.

Hawass spoke in detail of the recent opening of a 2,500-year-old sarcophagus, containing the body of an ancient Egyptian high priest.

The sarcophagus had been discovered decades earlier at the Al-Ghorifa archaeological site, 165 miles south of Cairo, but the opening took place in April. It was broadcast live by the Discovery Channel.

“That is the most eventful moment,” he said. “That you can share this moment with the world, opening a sealed sarcophagus … and the mummy was saying ‘Good morning’ to the whole world.”