Did you know?: The thieves tried to steal Tutankhamun's tomb twice before. learn the story

tut Tue, Jun. 2, 2020
The golden pharaoh Tutankhamun gained wide fame, perhaps the largest among all the kings of the pharaohs, and this is not for the greatness of his accomplishments, his military victories, or his conquest, but rather for other reasons that are historically important and most notably the discovery of his tomb and its treasures completely without any damage.

Theft and looting of tombs and pharaonic monuments in ancient times was very common, and there are many tombs that were found looted, and millions were forbidden to see the antiquities and mummies of their ancient ancestors, to know the greatness of the ancient Egyptian man, but only one cemetery, I found complete is the tomb of King Tutankhamun , Son of the king, month Akhenaten.

But a question remains to be asked: Did the thieves actually not reach the tomb of Tutankhamun before, and was it the only one who survived from the hands of the thieves, or was it not spared from the hands of looters and thieves who looted the tomb?

Answer: According to some beliefs, the cemetery was stolen at least twice before it was discovered in 1922.

The references indicate that Tutankhamun's tomb was looted twice, during the ancient times, the first shortly after the mummy was buried there, and it is likely that the theft was carried out by one of those who worked on preparing it, as he was fully aware of its contents, and the second was about that after that 15 years, but the two thefts were limited to plundering one room of the cemetery.

According to the Egyptian archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawas, in an article published entitled "Thieves in the Valley of Truth!" On the 14th of July 2016, in the London newspaper, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, the golden pharaoh's cemetery had already been stolen, saying that the process of violating the sanctity of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings had begun quickly, for example, thieves stormed the tomb of Tutankhamen twice, after they were closed for the first Once, fortunately, the cemetery security forces managed to protect the cemetery both times, although much of the content had been removed from its place. In fact, it was concluded that about 60 percent of the treasures of one of the rooms had been stolen in ancient times, and "A" - The minister who assumed power after the death of Tutankhamen - is responsible for the restoration of the cemetery, as some of his employees threw some remains of the contents of the cemetery for the purpose of maintaining order, and they closed the cemetery by closing the hole made by the gypsum thieves and put a closure seal on it.

Dr. Qasim Zaki also mentioned in his book "The Tragedy of Nefertiti and her Sisters: The Story of Looting and Smuggling of Egyptian Antiquities from Above Era", explaining that "Most royal tombs were robbed once they were closed, and the thieves managed to partially penetrate the tomb of King Tutankhamun, but they were arrested." Immediately, the cemetery soon closed again. "