Study: The ancient Egyptians mastered the art of playing musical instruments for 5000 years

music Sun, Jan. 5, 2020
A recent study was conducted, showing that ancient Egypt was home to many lyricists who mastered the art of music about 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptian songs and melodies may have been lost forever, but archaeologists have discovered evidence that skilled musicians were present at the time of the rise of civilization Ancient Egyptian in 3100 BC.

Ancient graves murals dating back more than 5,000 years indicate that the Egyptians played a wide range of rhythmic and stringed instruments, and the archaeologist and author Katarzyna Tatu told the Polish News Agency (PAP) that the Egyptians played many musical instruments, some of which survived among the instruments The rest are guitars, the Nilot machine and the Egyptian clarinet.

According to Katarzina Tato, the researchers unfortunately did not know what kind of sounds and structures the Egyptians had used, according to

The archaeologist Kartarzina Tato pointed out that the main problem we face during the research is the lack of archaeological materials "documents" related to music theories and notations, adding that we have a simple understanding of how to adjust the tools or standards used, and followed that with no musical symbols available in Modern understanding of the word, we can only guess some guesses about the sound systems and the time intervals used.

Cartarzina added, that the music of ancient Egypt is a reflection of its history, and we must be aware of the extent of the development that we are talking about, noting that we are certain that the voices of ancient Egypt were incredibly diverse and developed over time, and ancient Egyptian music flourished until the fourth century BC And the conquest of Alexander the Great, so music also played an important ceremonial role in ancient Egyptian life.