Find out the ticket prices in Cairo's archaeological sites and museums starting November

cairo Wed, Oct. 23, 2019
The Ministry of Antiquities has announced its new plan to increase ticket prices for a number of museums and archaeological sites, and will be implemented starting in November 2019, as part of the government's plan for economic reform. Ticket prices in Cairo's archaeological sites and museums:

Pyramid area
200 pounds.

Foreign student 100 pounds.

The Great Pyramid 400 pounds.

Foreign students 200 pounds.

Sphinx campus foreigners 100 pounds.

Foreign students were excluded from the increase and were kept at LE 50.

- The price of the comprehensive ticket to visit the "Pyramids and the Great Pyramid and the Museum of Khufu boat" 600 pounds.

Foreign students 300 pounds.

Saqqara area
- Foreign tourists 180 pounds

Foreign students 90 pounds.

Tombs of the nobles of Sakkara 140 pounds for the ordinary tourist.

Foreign students 70 pounds.

The cemetery of the modern state of Sakkara 140 pounds.

Foreign students 70 pounds for students.

A comprehensive ticket for Sakkara 440 pounds and 220 pounds for students.

Citadel of Saladin
- Foreign tourists 180 pounds.

Foreign students 90 pounds.

Egyptian Museum of Liberation

200 pounds for tourists.

100 pounds for students.

Visit tonight 240 pounds for foreigners and 120 pounds for students.