Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities welcomes Cancer Patient and Egypt lover Gloria Walker

egypt Mon, May. 10, 2021
On May 8, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board Ahmed Yousef received Gloria Walker and her family, who came from Philadelphia, USA, to fulfil the dream of her life, which is to visit Egypt and the Pyramids of Giza with her family.

Over the past few years, Gloria Walker has been the center of the world's attention, with many international and regional media outlets reporting her story widely, when her son Dustin Vitali revealed on his Facebook page that his cancer-stricken mother wanted to visit Egypt and watch the Pyramids of Giza, especially the Pyramid of Khufu, the only wonder remaining from the seven ancient wonders of the world, describing the visit as her only wish and her dream of life.

CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board Ahmed Yousef welcomed Walker and her family, conveying to her the greetings of Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled el-Enany and his keenness to meet her during her visit to Egypt, and that he sincerely wishes her a pleasant trip in Egypt and to enjoy its picturesque beaches, warm sun and healthy atmosphere and visit its unique touristic and archaeological sites, wishing her health and full recovery.

Youssef said that this visit carries a very humane aspect and reflects fondness for the ancient Egyptian civilization and the special charm that Egypt carries in the hearts of many who want to visit it and even repeat the visit to it, which made it one of their favorite tourist destinations around the world.

Youssef also stressed the keenness of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to provide all the logistical and moral support and facilities to Walker and her family in the touristic and archaeological places and museums that they will visit in Egypt to make this trip memorable.

Gloria Walker and her family's trip to Egypt will last a week, including visiting the most important tourist and archaeological attractions in Cairo and South Sinai governorate.

For his part, Dustin expressed his gratitude for the attention of the Egyptian state and the keenness of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to receive them and provide souvenirs to them.

He added that he visited Egypt in 2018 and did not forget the friendliness, hospitality, and generosity of its people, as well as Egypt's special attractive, wonderful and unique tourist and archaeological elements.

The 14 family members also expressed their great happiness at fulfilling Gloria Walker's dream of visiting Egypt, especially after facing a number of difficulties, including restrictions imposed due to her illness, the repercussions of the global pandemic and travel costs.