Watch the war wheels of Tutankhamun before taking them to the Grand Egyptian Museum (Video)

egypt Wed, May. 5, 2021
Below is a video of the war wheels group of the Pharaoh King Tutankhamun, after the completion of its restoration, and before its transfer to the Hall of the Golden King, in which the Grand Egyptian Museum began implementing the museum exhibition scenario about a month ago, which will include all the possessions of Tutankhamun for the first time Fully.

Dr. Ahmed Abd Rabbo, Vice President of the Wood Antiquities Laboratory, at the Grand Egyptian Museum, said that the Wood Antiquities Factory is one of the most important laboratory in the Restoration Center in the Middle East, and we specialize in restoring all kinds of wooden antiquities, "colored, gilded, decorated", with various inlays.

Dr. Ahmed Abd Rabbo explained, in previous statements to "The Seventh Day", when the receipt of any piece inside the laboratory begins, we first begin the documentation work, using multispectral imaging, there is the normal imaging of the photographic piece, and there is the ultraviolet imaging that is identified from Through it, about the places of previous restorations of the antiquities, and infrared imaging, and this works to clarify any places that did not appear to the naked eye, and there is X-ray imaging to know the technique of making the piece by the ancient Egyptian.

The deputy head of the Wood Antiquities Laboratory added, then the process of examinations and analyzes takes place, and at this stage the use of advanced scientific devices, through which we can know the components of the effect, without taking any samples, and through spectral analysis we can know the existing layers of preparation, decoration and coloring, and we can During the analyzes, we identify the previous restoration materials used before, and then we start with the experimental study, which is applied to a cloned sample with the same specification of the effect before applying it to the effect itself.